Happy National Burger Month! Celebrate With These 7 Delicious Burgers

Little Rock is one place where there is no shortage of fantastic burger places. Aren’t we lucky?

It is National Burger Month and last year in Little Rock Soirée, Mark Carter highlighted seven hot burgers joints offering the juiciest, cheesiest, most delicious burgers around. We thought it was too good not to share again!

Here is what made his yummy list:

Big Orange, 17809 Chenal Pkwy.: A chic spot in west Little Rock, which opened a second location in Midtown, serves up some pretty spectacular gourmet burgers with unique flavor combinations like the White Truffle Pecorino (Pecorino cheese, arugula, fig jam, and white truffle, and mayo) and my favorite the Petit Jean Bacon & Avocado (American cheese, petit jean bacon, avocado, butter leaf lettuce, tomato, and mayo).

Arkansas Burger Co., 7410 Cantrell Road: This is THE cream-of-the-crop of burger dives here in the capital city. Mark Carter writes that the spot’s The Rock burger is best consumed when dipped in white cheese dip and there is a side of shoestring onion rings. We agree!

David’s Burgers, 101 S. Bowman Road: Any place that has delicious burgers and refills your fries for free is top-notch in our book.

Copper Grill, 300 E. Third St., #101: This popular, corporate downtown Little Rock eatery offers a pretty impressive lineup of dishes, especially burgers. The home-made pimento cheese cheeseburger is a popular choice among diners, Carter writes.

The Box, corner of 7th and Ringo Streets: In its former life, the burger hot spot lived on South Main before going on a two-year hiatus and reopening in 2012. It’s still the same no-frills, all-grease restaurant it used to be.

Capital Bar & Grill, 111 W. Markham St.: There are so many fantastic entrees on this upscale eatery’s menu, but we can’t forget about the incredible burgers. It just goes to show that great burgers come in all settings and sometimes include house-made pickles, Carter says.

Hillcrest Artisan Meats (H.A.M.), 2807 Kavanaugh Blvd.: Every Friday, this local butcher shop fries up 30 burgers (that’s it!) and we can assure you that their beef — from free-range cows — is pretty amazing.

Read more about these awesome places in the digital edition here.

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