Go Where You Want to Go (Becki Moore Publisher’s Letter)

This issue of BOOM! is about taking it to the road, literally. Baby boomers have time, money, and their own permission to pick up and go whenever they want. That’s the best part of aging. Joe David Rice, director of Arkansas tourism, can identify. This baby boomer’s job is promoting the state’s scenic beauty, its historic places and its uniqueness. In his interview he mentioned a few spots in Arkansas that “charge his batteries”.

When you drive through the Ozarks and find yourself in Eureka Springs, do you think about settling down there? You wouldn’t be the first person to do that. Read Buzz Dougherty’s interview about people who were drawn to live there.

Driving through rural areas in eastern Arkansas recently I noticed there seemed to be one nursing home per small town. It brought back memories when my own folks refused to leave their home but could no longer care for themselves. In the end they got their wishes, but I still think about it. They wouldn’t come for a visit to see some of the places available in Little Rock. If they had I think they would have moved.

If you have an aging parent or parents who don’t want to leave their small town or their home, show them the amenities and the levels of care they will find in central Arkansas.

We got good reviews on many places. We cut through the clutter for you and made a list of institutions we would recommend. You can click here to help you find a new home for your loved ones.

There are more things for you to explore in this issue. I’d like you to express yourself by sending me article ideas you would like to see in BOOM! And please, join me on my blog, Granny’s Got a Gun. I don’t really have a gun, just a lot of opinions.

Live well,

Becki Moore

Publisher and Editor of BOOM!


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