Soirée Kids: Getting Started with Pre-K in PCSSD

The Pulaski County Special School District is committed to providing quality and equitable education to students in pre-K through 12th grade. PCSSD’s pre-K program is available at 14 of our elementary schools and is a free, standards-based program that aims to build strong foundational skills that help prepare students for kindergarten.

PCSSD Executive Director of Communications, Jessica Duff, spoke with Kim Lee, Oak Grove Elementary pre-K teacher, and Amy Bubbus DeCastro, Joe T. Robinson Elementary pre-K teacher about the program.

Why is pre-K important for students?

Ms. Lee: Pre-K teaches children about what it means to ‘work together,’ what it means to be a friend, how a teacher really cares for you, and most importantly, how to be a friend to others. Pre-K builds a child’s confidence through consistency, structure, creativity and positivity. That is why children in pre-K love school. Children learn that their classroom is a safe place they can learn.

What do students learn in pre-K?

Ms. DeCastro: In pre-K, students learn how to be a student and develop a love for learning. They develop important social skills like communicating, sharing and taking turns. Children also go through a reading readiness curriculum where they learn letters and phonics. They develop math skills such as counting and shapes. Developing fine motor and gross motor skills is so important for pre-K children, and we practice these skills daily.

Why should families choose PCSSD’s pre-K program?

Ms. Lee: Families should pick PCSSD for their children because it will provide a nurturing environment where children will learn through child creative play. Our program uses Conscience Discipline as a basis for teaching strategies for children to use in and out of the classroom to help. Pre-K teachers teach children strategies of what to do with emotions and feelings so they can use those strategies for a lifetime.


Pulaski County Special School District spans more than 600 square miles in central Arkansas and requires highly skilled and passionate personnel to adapt educational policies and personalization to 26 schools. Every school is accredited by the Arkansas State Board of Education. PCSSD has served schools across Pulaski County since July 1927.

PCSSD is committed to creating a nationally recognized school district that assures that all students achieve at their maximum potential through collaborative, supportive and continuous efforts of all stakeholders.

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