Get the Perfect Haircut – For Your Face Shape

It’s amazing what a beautiful haircut can do not only for your style, but your confidence. And when you find one that complements your face shape, minimizing the not-so-pleasing attributes and highlighting the positive ones, that’s a major esteem-booster and perfect accent to your outfit. 

A good hairstylist should instinctively know what will work and what won’t. You’ll find a few salons highlighted in the 2012 Little Rock Beauty Black Book  with stylists who know a thing or two about getting you the ultimate cut

Knowing our face shape is also a handy tool to keep in our “beauty toolbox,” so you understand what’s super flattering on you. “It’s important to arm yourself with knowledge of how your face shape, lifestyle, facial features and profession all play their part in picking the perfect haircut,” said Rachael Reid, a stylist, extension specialist and owner of Salon Karizma. “Your hair is your crown, so treat it well!”

Here are the common shapes, according to The Makeup Chair Blog:

  • Oval: Includes a round forehead, tapering cheeks and chin. Recommended cut: any style, from long to short, can work. To really enhance your great face shape, Reid recommends adding layers that hang around your cheekbones, lips or chin, which will draw attention to your face and provide you with a pretty frame.
  • Round: Length and width of face is the same, round forehead, full cheeks and round jawline. Recommended cut: a style that lengthens the face — long and straight, and if you want curls, work away from the face, so they don’t add width.
  • Square: Length and width is almost the same, with a square forehead and jawline and full cheeks. Recommended cut: Longer, straighter hair works, in addition to long layers with slight waves.
  • Heart: Shape is wide at the forehead and narrow at the chin with high cheekbones. Recommended cut: a style with bangs looks great, but make sure they’re long and piecy bangs, not short and blunt; side bangs also work. “This face shape suits a bob haircut that will add volume to the jaw line and take the emphasis away from the forehead,” Reid said.
  • Triangular: This includes a narrow forehead and a strong, wide jaw line. Recommended cut: a short cut that shows off the forehead and cheekbones looks best. 
  • Diamond: There is a prominence of cheekbones in contrast to a narrow chin and forehead. Recommended cut: cuts should accentuate the beautiful cheekbones, so flat, lifeless hair will not work. A short bob with full curls that frame the face works well, in addition to long hair that is voluminous. 
  • Oblong: Shape is longer than it is wide with a round or square forehead and tapering chin. Recommended cut: it is opposite of the round shape– thick, full hair is recommended and short hair is a great option as it will shorten the face. “This face shape suits a center part, although the hair should always be cut above the shoulders to avoid lengthening the appearance of the face,” Reid said.

Find the right style for you with a little help from our LRBBB friends and 2012-2013 Best of Beauty Winners for Best Cuts:

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