Get Ready for the Second Annual Six Bridges Regatta

Might want to start warming up your deltoids, ladies and gents.

The second annual Six Bridges Regatta (6BR) is little more than a month away, officially slated for Saturday, September 19. Hosted by the Arkansas Boathouse Club, this U.S. Rowing registered event is a 5K head (aka timed race) held on the Arkansas River. Rowers from all over the region will gather at the starting line near the airport and finish at the Junction Bridge. 

This year, the 6BR teamed up with the Capital Bar and Grill to create a signature cocktail for the race. The end result? The Six Bridges Swing with fresh watermelon and gin, a drink we’re already lining up for, will be served in both the CBG and One Eleven through race day.


It’s not too late to register for the regatta, so if you’re interested or want more information, click here. You can also learn more about the Arkansas Boathouse Club here, and stay updated on information by following the 6BR on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

You can also check out our July 2014 cover story on regatta co-chair Mike Coulson here, where you’ll learn all about the Southern rowing revival in the heart of central Arkansas.

Continuing the tradition of insanely awesome promotional posters, here’s a look at the 2015 design by painfully talented illustrator Mick Wiggins.

Credit: Mick Wiggins

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