From the Sponsors: Impacting Communities, Changing Lives, Giving Back

Heart of Arkansas United Way

The Heart of Arkansas United Way has embarked on an electronic expansion, incorporating a broad donor base with a new online portal. In addition to providing the opportunity for contributions to charities of the donors choice, it has emphasized developing matching grants and multiplier effects. These matches have the future appeal of developing new program activity targeting key community needs, like preventing homelessness and providing dental services to children at risk.

The future of our system will demonstrate that we offer the most convenient and diverse giving options, with the best development opportunities for human service charities we support.

We are proud to recognize the corporate cornerstone donors noted here whose support of the United Way’s administration made our development possible.

Around Arkansas

There are 19 other certified United Way operations in Arkansas. Donors, either corporate or individuals, can review them by searching (the public site for the United Way Worldwide) to determine their service areas.

Every United Way is a separately incorporated enterprise serving particular communities. All must pass an extensive annual review. Most have clear areas of program interest: education, health, and fiscal stability are frequent high needs emphasis. The United Ways have a state professional association, but operate independently, and periodically collaboratively. Quality of life improvement is their common mission.

Mitchell Williams

Nonprofits and charitable organizations are the backbone of healthy, sustainable communities. These organizations work diligently – often with limited funds – to provide vital resources to people in need. These groups are feeding the hungry, housing homeless families, offering mental health assistance, creating sustainable agriculture programs and more.

We at Mitchell Williams believe it is our essential responsibility to play active, positive roles in the communities where we work and live. Because of this, our firm prioritizes supporting an array of charitable organizations with our time and money because we deeply believe that a rising tide really does lift all boats.

Engaging in service and leadership activities is central to providing charitable, social, educational and cultural enrichment. Since inception more than 60 years ago, Mitchell Williams has been committed to giving. Twelve years ago, in celebration of the firm’s 50th Anniversary, Mitchell Williams launched the Take Time To Give program, that has assisted hundreds of organizations throughout Arkansas and the region. Through the Take Time to Give program, we have provided support through financial contributions, pro bono services and tens of thousands of volunteer hours.

Our communities can only prosper if businesses take an active part in helping nonprofits help others. We encourage our clients, our colleagues and the many other businesses in our community to make community engagement a priority. Although giving money is important, it’s also essential to educate employees on how nonprofits support everyday functions in our lives and encourage participation by allowing time for personal involvement.

The gains to be had through organized corporate engagement are countless. Everyone at Mitchell Williams has gained personal satisfaction and a greater understanding of how their local community operates through these volunteer opportunities. And, more importantly, we are helping charities help our neighbors, friends, families and clients live fulfilling and healthy lives.

Simmons Bank

Philanthropy is more than a noun to us. It’s a verb that defines how we work to bring positive change to the world. It’s an adjective that describes our foundation as a whole. It’s a way of life that fulfills a deep-seated mission to support nonprofits that aid youth in building better futures. At Simmons Bank and our Simmons First Foundation, philanthropy means changing lives, and being thankful for the opportunity to do so. Making a difference in our communities is a core component of our business and culture of philanthropy.

We believe that giving must originate locally as well as corporately to ensure maximum impact. Each year, Simmons Bank makes direct gifts to organizations in our communities, and makes a donation to Simmons First Foundation, whose emphasis is on seed gifts for entities to develop and expand programs, especially those serving areas with the most in need.

Across our philanthropic footprint, our focus is on economic development, financial literacy, youth development, health and human services, arts and culture, and a better quality of life for everyone in our communities. The organizations we partner with range widely from groups such as United Way and the American Red Cross to local nonprofit agencies that do good work in just one community. We embrace the success of our charitable giving and then refocus on the next issue plaguing our neighborhoods.

Philanthropy crosses the communities we touch, including our hometown of Pine Bluff and every community we serve. From this foundation, we hope it spreads widely.

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