Finishing Touches: 13 Green Interior Ideas

The devil is in the details when it comes to interior decorating, and these organic, eco-inspired pieces help keep the environment, as well as your home, beautiful.

1. Crystal book stands, Box Turtle

2. Floral art sculpture by Zoë Eagan, Emporium Home

3. Pillow, Box Turtle

4. Wine set, Bear Hill Interiors

5. Wooden stump, Howse

6. Lantern, Box Turtle

7. Wooden folding table by Reclaimed Helena, Howse

8. Glass sculpture, Emporium Home

9. Plant arrangement, Tipton Hurst

10. Wine accessories, Emporium Home

11. Wooden tray, Howse

12. Cactus piece, Tipton Hurst

13. Green book set, Emporium Home 

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