Fall Porch Decorating Ideas from Chris H. Olsen

To us, having too many pumpkins on a stoop simply isn’t a thing. It’s one of the many ways we embrace this glorious season. Home and garden guru Chris H. Olsen of Botanica Gardens is providing all lof the inspiration you need to give your porch a festive fall update. 

Add drama! Achieve this height visually by simply hanging three wreaths on your door instead of one. Rather than buying topiaries, create your own by filling up your urns or containers with potting soil, then place a contorted willow (we use 6-8 feet) along the rim of the pot. Simply tie the top of the topiary with twine. If needed, tie the middle for support. Then arrange an assortment of pumpkins and gourds to your liking. Tip: To hide the extra potting soil, we use moss. For this particular one, we used apple green reindeer moss. 

Credit: Janet Warlick
Do something different besides hanging a wreath on your door and create your own fall leaves. What you’ll need: Coat hanger, nylon and spray paint. Take the coat hanger (it usually takes two) and intertwine them together to shape a leaf. Take the nylon (available at craft stores) and stretch it over the frame, then tie a small knot at the top. Spray the entire leaf one color and spray on a second color for dimension. Tip: Brown will allow you to create the veins of the leaf. To create that “falling” effect, simply stagger to your liking. 

Credit: Janet Warlick
If you have generous wall space on both sides of your door, accessorize with contorted willow branches (these are 8 feet long) along the wall. For added impact and drama, place assorted pumpkins, mums and battery operated candles to make your evening an enchanted one.  
Happy fall, y’all! 
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