Drain Smart Mural Contest Voting Now Open

The Drain Smart program is designed to educate the public on protecting local water quality by transforming storm drains into artwork with the help of local artists. This year’s lineup included pieces in SoMa, The Promenade and on Center Street.

Although we all feel like we came home with the jackpot now that these amazing mini-murals adorn our fair city, now comes the contest part. That’s right — it’s up to you to choose the best one. Cash prizes will be awarded to the creators of the top three murals with the most votes.

Click here to cast your vote.

You have until July 15 to pick a favorite, so hop to it. And if you’d rather do your research in person, here’s where you’ll find them:

  • SoMa:
    • 13th & Main
    • 17th & Main
    • Main Street across from Walgreen’s
    • 27th & Main (northeast corner)
    • Main at Washington Elementary crosswalk (east)
    • Main at Washington Elementary crosswalk (west)
    • 29th & Main (northeast corner)
    • 29th & Main (northwest corner)
  • Center Street Corridor:
    • 7th & Center
    • Capitol & Center (northeast corner)
    • 4th & Center (southwest corner)
    • 6th & Center (in front of EJ’s)
    • 6th & Center (across from EJ’s)
    • Capitol & Center (northwest corner)
  • The Promenade:
    • in front of James Eye Care
    • Chenal exit near AW Lins
    • entrance at Chenal
    • in front of Chenal 9 Imax


Learn more about Drain Smart and participating artists by visiting the website. 


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