Diamond Chef Decade: Scott Rains of Table 28

Scott Rains of Table 28

How long have you been cooking?

I’ve been cooking since I was three years old, but 32 years professionally.

What made you want to become a chef?

My grandfather was a trained chef. Everyone in my family, on both sides, are amazing cooks. They were my total inspiration.

What is your favorite thing to cook and why?

Fish and game. I grew up fishing and hunting, so all species intrigue me. And fur and fowl as well!

What is your secret weapon that gives you an edge in this competition?

I thrive off of challenges, so Diamond Chef ought to be a great one. Under pressure cooking gets the blood in my veins cooking. Not to mention I cook in my sleep as well.

What are you planning to cook on Diamond Chef?

My plan revolves around the mystery ingredient that is given to me. But I will be going for the good stuff in the pantry for sure. Can’t give out too many secrets! Good luck chefs. Happy cooking.

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