Diamond Chef Decade: Patrick Buchanon of Yaya’s Euro Bistro

Patrick Buchanon of Yaya’s Euro Bistro

How long have you been cooking?

I have been cooking professionally for 12 years.

Where a lot of chefs deny that gluten sensitivity exists or find it a nuisance, you have embraced the gluten-free movement. Why is this?

Gluten-free and other dietary needs give me a chance to be more creative on the fly.

What made you want to become a chef?

My mom always cooked from scratch and let me help.

What is the secret to being a good chef?

Reading cookbooks for what’s new and different.

How has the South influenced your cuisine?

I have only lived in the South for three years, but combined with my European training, it has given me a new down-home style.

What are you planning to cook for the competition?

For Diamond Chef I have a few ideas up my sleeve. I’m really just looking forward to cooking with all the other talented chefs.

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