Damgoode Pies in River Market Sets Opening Date

The wonderful news first came in November: Damgoode Pies is coming to the River Market.  

We were thrilled to learn that Damgoode Pies is moving its fourth Little Rock location into what was previously Boscos, which closed its 500 President Clinton Ave. doors last September. 

But we’ve been waiting on pins and needles for an opening date and we finally got it: Saturday, March 14. For those of you keeping track, yes, that is National Pi Day and no, that wasn’t an accident. 

Along with all your favorite Damgoode flavors, the River Market location will also feature a slice bar, a private party and meeting room, and what piqued everyone’s interest most: their very own brewery. The plan is to have local brews and even a few Damgoode original recipies on tap.

Pair an extraordinary slice of pizza and a cold beer with a patio that overlooks the Arkansas River and we’ve got a new downtown place to be. 

And don’t plan on visiting the Kavanaugh location for a while. Starting Feb. 23, the space will close for renovations, while that crew heads downtown to get the River Market spot ready for opening day. 

To keep an eye on updates, folow Damgoode Pies on Facebook.

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