SPONSORED: City Silo Brings Wholesome Comfort Food With Clean Ingredients to Little Rock

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In the heart of Little Rock in the premier Promenade at Chenal, City Silo Table + Pantry stands as a hidden gem, where passion for food meets a commitment to community well-being. This Memphis-based eatery, with its roots deeply embedded in sustainable practices and diverse menu offerings, has become a haven for locals seeking an exceptional dining experience.

Now flourishing in its third location and the first outside the Memphis area, City Silo brings a taste of its culinary mastery to Arkansas’ capital. The decision to expand was driven by the owners, Rebekah and Scott Tashie, who found a special connection with the city. Drawn by the vibrant community and a shared ethos of Southern hospitality, they knew Little Rock was the perfect place to push City Silo beyond the borders of the Mid-South.

City Silo’s cuisine is infused with flavors that speak to the warmth of the region. This dedication not only pleases the palate, but also aligns seamlessly with eco-friendly principles and a deep sense of support. The owners have woven this intrinsic connection with hearty and conscious choices into the very essence of the restaurant, shaping its distinctive approach to re-imagined comfort food that is both tasty and mindful.

The fare is a blend of healthy food that satisfies without the overindulgence that the South is renowned for. City Silo leaves you feeling truly satisfied without inducing a nap afterwards. Its dishes are designed to fuel customers, stacked with nourishing and delicious offerings catering to every diet. Rooted in replicating the familiarity of traditional foods, each creation is a sustaining, fulfilling experience.

City Silo’s menu caters to every taste bud — be it a carnivore, a vegetarian or a vegan. From all-day breakfast, salads, smoothies and açai bowls to sandwiches, tacos and wraps, its selections are designed to satisfy a variety of preferences. Whether savoring a nutrient-packed bowl or indulging in savory small plates, City Silo is diverse and inclusive. A curated selection of coffee, fresh juices and revitalizing smoothies completes the experience, supporting the path toward wholesome eating habits. These dishes are also available via delivery and catering options, bringing comfort and quality straight to you.

Every dish is a thoughtful creation, utilizing locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to ensure freshness and minimize environmental impact. City Silo’s dedication to clean ingredients is evident, and each item tells the story of quality, flavor and conscious consumption. The company also works to minimize landfill contributions by participating in robust recycling and composting programs.

Through its commitment to supporting neighboring farmers and producers, City Silo actively contributes to the vibrancy of Little Rock’s culinary landscape. Opened in 2023, its Little Rock space has quickly become a cornerstone in the Chenal area. City Silo welcomes its customers to a place where comfort meets sophistication and every dining experience is a journey.

As you enter through the doors of City Silo in Little Rock, you’re not only indulging in delicious nourishment, you’re becoming a part of a community that prioritizes ethical sourcing, responsible practices and a shared commitment to the environment. 

So, come on in, relish in delightful flavors, connect with friends and become a part of a larger narrative. With a commitment to sustainable practices and a diverse menu that caters to all tastes, City Silo is the destination where food, community and excellence converge.

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