Changes Coming to Ashley’s at the Capital Hotel

Changes, including a temporary closing, are coming to Ashley’s at the Capital Hotel.

Hotel management says the classy, popular Little Rock restaurant will be closing May 4 to allow time for a redesign. It’s hoped to reopen in July.

Chuck Magill, director of marketing for Capital Hotel, says the restaurant is hoping to become a place patrons feel they can come to for more than just special occasions. 

Magill says the restaurant will still be the go-to place for special events and anniversaries, it also wants to bring in the out-and-about dining crowd.

“People want restaurants that are more relaxed,” Magill said. “It’s hard, when you say something is less formal, the first word that people think of is casual. [The restaurant] will still be a chic, lovely restaurant.”

What are some the changes to expect? In the dining room, Magill says hardwood floors will replace the carpet, artwork will take the place of the mirrors on the wall, and the drapes will be removed from the windows to provide more natural light.

Magill said people now feel like a jacket is required to eat at Ashley’s. They’re hoping to remove that thought from people’s minds with the revamped restaurant.

Even with the changes, Magill says the high quality of food is here to stay with Executive Chef Joël Antunes, whom he refers to as “one of the best chefs in the world.”

“It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch unfold,” he said.

Ashley’s will close for renovations May 4 after a final brunch.

For more on the changes coming to Ashley’s, check out the story at our sister publication, Arkansas Business.

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