Celebrate Mint Julep Day With This Recipe from Capital Bar & Grill!

For a drink so simply made, the Mint Julep has quite the history and lore.

The drink dates back to the 19th century but it became a well-known, popular drink with its inception as the signature drink of the Kentucky Derby in the 1930s. To this day, thousands of the cocktail are guzzled down each year by patrons of “The Run for the Roses.”

Now, the drink even has its own day, which as you may have already guessed by looking at the headline, is today! Because of that, we decided to share a recipe for the drink, brought to us by the fine folks at Capital Bar & Grill, to help pay homage to the classic drink.

Happy Mint Julep Day!

Mint Julep

The ingredients:

•Mint sprigs

•1 oz. simple syrup

•2 oz. bourbon

•crushed ice

The process:

Muddle two mint sprigs in 1 oz. of simple syrup. Then, add 2 oz. of bourbon, and pour over crushed ice. Garnish it with fresh mint sprig and enjoy!

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