Capital Bar & Grill to Host Charleville Beer Dinner

If it only takes one course for a meal to be delicious, just imagine a five-course dinner paired with specialty brews from a micro brewery tucked away in the Ozark Mountains.

Nope, it’s not a dream.

The Capital Bar and Grill is hosting exactly that with the help of Charleville Brewing Company on Tuesday, Feb. 3, from 5:30-8 p.m. If guests have any questions as the night progresses, Charleville’s owner and brewer, Tait Russell, will be there to put your mind at ease.

We know you’re really just waiting for the menu. That’s ok. Feast your eyes.


Brew: Half-Wit Wheat

Bite: Cornmeal dusted catfish dumplings with a tarragon and corn mash, serrano pepper gastrique and mustard green crisps 


Brew: Ale Mucho Hoppo

Bite: Pecan-rubbed, smoked beef brisket with apple and blue cheese coleslaw and sourdough puree


Brew: Box of Chocolates

Bite: Pork trotter tamales with ancho chile chocolate gravy and pickled blueberries


Brew: Tornado Alley

Bite: Grilled whole-grain bread, Humboldt Fog pimento cheese, boar sausage and Arkansas black apples


Brew: Barleywine

Bite: Chocolate and orange tart with caramelized spiced orange and hazelnut/barleywine ice cream


Tickets are $55 a piece. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

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