Breezy Osborne-Wingfield Carries Passion for Yoga with Barefoot Studio

Perhaps you’ve been to Barefoot Studio or have seen on Old Cantrell Road in Riverdale or out on the Arkansas River Trail in west Little Rock. The person behind this thriving yoga business is Breezy Osborne-Wingfield, an inspiration to many.

In this month’s issue of Little Rock Soiree, the magazine highlights her yoga journey from just simply incorporating the practice in her workout routine in high school to becoming an instructor and eventually coming to own Barefoot Studio.

Did you know what her favorite yoga pose is? Find out in the full feature, along with what her studio is all about, here!

And we just got word that the west studio, , will be offering two free classes this week as they welcome two new instructors. Take in a Beginner Power Yoga from 7-8:15 p.m. today (Jan. 13) with Carrie and Beginner Power Yoga from 7-8:15 p.m. next Monday, Jan. 20 with Beth. Get more info here!

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