Blue Cake Company Buys Honey Pies, Opens Second Bakery in Shared Location

The Blue Cake Company has officially opened a second location: inside Honey Pies at 315 N. Bowman. Not only do they share a roof, but Blue Cake also now owns the pie shop.

According to Katie Proffer, who has served as general manager of Blue Cake for 12 years, the bakery had been looking to expand outside of its 6800 Cantrell location at the edge of The Heights.

“When we heard [Honey Pies owner Sharon Woodson] was moving and looking to sell, we saw an opportunity to introduce our desserts to a different area, but we also didn’t want Little Rock to lose Honey Pies,” Proffer says. “People love Honey Pies.”

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The pie shop will keep its name, but will now share a kitchen and storefront with Blue Cake. The bakery now has much more workspace than in its Cantrell spot, which will now serve as what Proffer says is essentially a satellite location. Customers can find cakes, pies, cookies, petit fours and the rest of the usual lineup at both locations.

Blue Cake has been in The Heights for six years after moving from its original Highway 10 location in 2014. They announced the impending move to Bowman in fall of 2019 and have now officially made the transition.

“It’s funny, but we’re excited to have people in west Little Rock who didn’t know us before get to see what our talented staff can do and what our loyal Heights and Hillcrest customers love about us,” Proffer says.

Starting Feb. 1, all new cake orders will be picked up at the Bowman location for free or at the Cantrell location for a small fee. Previous orders will be available for pickup free of charge.

The Blue Cake/Honey Pies dual location is open 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday. For more info, visit the Blue Cake website or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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