Artist Spotlight: Stephen Wilson

Pom Pom Trot Deluxe” by Stephen Wilson, hand-rolled pompoms and silk applique on Hermès silk scarf, 26×26.


Crafting each piece begins with the careful curation of its elements. Every element of every piece is designed and embroidered in my North Carolina studio. The background canvases are all created with up-cycled luxury materials, bags, boxes, silk scarves or up-cycled purses. I then add embroidery directly through the boxes and embellish them with embroidered elements like patches, butterflies, flowers and silk appliques. Every component is stitched out individually and placed onto the piece, making each truly unique.”


Stephen Wilson is a conceptual artist whose unique medium carries his message. Born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey, Wilson gained a background in fashion and home design. As he mastered the embroidery-digitizing process, he uses his creative expertise to share his message with the world. His work explores the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary culture, and his pieces are represented by some of the most prestigious galleries in the U.S.

Wilson’s work is frequently exhibited along with his neo-pop/urban art contemporaries i.e. Robert Mars, Mr. Brainwash, Punk Me Tender and major contemporary/modern/pop artists such as Warhol, Hirst and Kapoor. His work was acquired internationally by the National Gallery of Art (Sofia, Bulgaria), Museo Internacional de Arte (Guadalajara, Mexico) and the Brunello Cucinelli headquarters (Solomeo, Italy), in addition to private and public collections throughout the U.S. His work has been publicly exhibited in diverse locales from the Lincoln Center in New York to Catch Restaurant in Los Angeles.

Find Wilson’s work locally at Laura B Luxury.

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