Artist Spotlight: Kristen Martin

“Spring Fling” by Kristen Martin, 2023, acrylic paint on canvas. See Martin’s work and more pieces by fellow Easterseals A.R.T. artists at Art & Soul on Nov. 9.


“When you meet Kristen Martin, the first thing you will notice is her smile. She has been smiling a lot these days because she will be painting live at Easterseals Art & Soul. Kristen has been painting with the Easterseals A.R.T. program for over 10 years, and she is amazing to watch. She comes to A.R.T. focused and with a clear direction of what she wants. Kristen also enjoys working on jigsaw puzzles, listening to good books (her favorite author is Greg Iles) and is a fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo.”


Easterseals Arkansas’ Artistic Realization Technology program (A.R.T.) allows people with little or no use of their hands to paint and create beautiful art. Participants, referred to as artists, collaborate with trained volunteers, called trackers, who paint following the artist’s directives. Art by individuals who were unable to paint before comes to fruition in the A.R.T. program. Their artwork is featured and available for bidding at the annual Art & Soul event.

Easterseals Art & Soul
Nov. 9, 5:30 p.m. | Easterseals Arkansas Center for Training & Wellness

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