Artist Spotlight: Brande Wilkerson

“Hybrid V Linear” by Brande Wilkerson, mixed media on canvas, 16×20.


“I prefer to create in clean lines with defined boundaries. This helps invite a sense of order and peace to the space. Many of my works are in neutral pallets with a defined linear structure. I am highly inspired by architecture and midcentury design.” 


Brande Wilkerson resides in Austin, Arkansas, with her husband Paul and her two girls. She is a member of Fenix Gallery in Fayetteville and is currently an exhibiting artist for the Cabot Foundation for Arts and Culture. Wilkerson is a costume designer and abstract artist who has designed headgear for celebrity clients and ships her pieces all over the world. Her artworks include futuristic and provocative wall sculptures, assemblages and mixed media paintings.


“The purpose of my work is to invoke a vision of a futuristic world that invited the viewer along the journey. I like to include many geometric features, clean lines and a mostly neutral pleasing palette rich in metallic with high reflectivity. When the viewer encounters my work, I want them to see my inspirations of industrial architecture, digital technology and futuristic battle armor tempered with timeless style.”

Find Wilkerson’s work locally at the Cabot Foundation for Arts and Culture, online at and on Facebook and Instagram.

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