A Room of Your Own: Inside Effects Kitchen

Inside Effects™ Kitchen
4205 S. Shackleford Road, Suite A, Little Rock, 72204
Creating the Best Effects, Inside and Out!™

What was the vision for this Kitchen space?

Both the homeowner and the designer, Brenda Young, wanted to use black and white, so we used Caesarstone Organic White for the perimeter and Black Pearl granite for the island.

What were the most important features the client wanted included in the space?

On the backsplash Brenda wanted a mix of both granite colors in the countertops, so we opted for Calacatta marble for the backsplash. In order to have a good mix of texture, we combined 2 x 4 bricks with a herringbone pattern.

Why do designers and customers choose our showroom?

Inside Effects™ and Outside Effects™ feature many top-of-the-line products to meet any design need. Design and fabrication services, state-of-the-art equipment and installation allow the team to provide customers turn-key service. They work with clients from start to finish, ensuring that each has a personalized customer experience.


1. When using solid colors, textured tile makes a statement. Choose a herringbone or a basket-weave.

2. Colors evoke different feelings; yellow uplifts; green comforts; red represents life and love. Don’t be afraid of some color!

3. With a granite or tile design, always choose what fits your personality not what is trending.

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