9 Women Share How They Course-Correct When They Hit a Wall

It’s inevitable. Even if you subscribe to the “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” school of thought, there will still be days when you hit a wall, whether it’s from frustration, burnout or towering logistical hurdles. 

Members of Soirée‘s 2023 class of Women to Watch clearly have a consensus on what to do in these instances: Don’t just push through. Below, they share their advice on how to handle those rough days.


The first thing I do to course-correct when I hit a wall:

“I like to take a step back and review as many perspectives as possible, learn from the experience and look for points of collaboration to adjust and move forward.”

– Le’Kita T. Brown


“Ask for help. This is an underrated skill.”

Eva Barlogie


“I pause and direct my attention to a fun craft project to allow myself time to clear my head and refocus.”

Crystal Floyd


“Back up and consider the most basic aspects of the problem I am trying to solve.”

Kim Koch


“Take a break, step away and regroup. Go back to my why.”

Angie Akin Longing


“Being outdoors in the fresh air brings me peace. Stepping away from the noise and distractions for a walk helps me clear my mind and center myself.”

Magen Tune


“Stay optimistic, but approach decisions realistically to find ways to break through the walls you hit.”

Adita Karkera


“Take a pause, find a snack, play with Oakley (my Australian shepherd who gets to work with me), move, breathe and/or do something creative to clear my mind.”

Erica Goss Warden


“Time is the best perspective. I cannot count the times I’ve told myself this. I will step back for hours or days or weeks and gain that perspective and come back even better.”

Dr. Nirvana Manning


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