9 Coffee Shop Sips for the Hottest Month

The summer sun is bright and beaming, challenging us to stay inside until temperatures drop with the sun. If you want to get out on the town before sunset while also staying cool, we suggest taking refuge in a local coffee shop. 

Here are some local spots with summer menus to accommodate your need to stay cool, and the must-try drinks we can’t stop thinking about.


Fidel & Co.

Don’t run, sprint to Fidel & Co. for this raspberry matcha. With house-made raspberry oleo saccharum and matcha, one sip will have you feeling like you’re prancing through fruit filled fields. Bonus: It’s made with oat milk so the chances of any tummy troubles from that dairy and heat combo are minimized.


Guillermo’s Gourmet Coffee

Summer means all of the fruit flavored fun. This cherry mocha cold brew is the mix we didn’t know we needed: mocha cold brew with cherry cold foam. Chocolate covered cherries in a cup? We’ll bite.   


River City Coffee

Lavender is the summer flavor of choice and it gets even better when you pair it with the best beverage to cool down with. Go to River City for some refreshing lavender lemonade and stay for the vibes.


Blackberry Market

Too hot for a campfire? Blackberry Market’s got you covered. Stop by for a s’mores latte made with all the fixins’: mocha, brown sugar, graham cracker flavored syrup and topped with chocolate shavings and marshmallows. Get it hot or iced; it’ll have you wanting s’more either way.


Mugs Cafe / Mylo Coffee Co.

When local icons join forces, amazing things happen. Case in point: Leivas espresso and Loblolly ice cream combining to give you some creamy coffee goodness. Available at both Mugs and Mylo, you can’t go wrong with this affogato. 


Dark Side Coffee Co.

You don’t have to prefer your coffee on the dark side to get caffeinated here. Stop by to get a crafted summer-themed energy drink that will put some pep in your step for the rest of the day. This blue Hawaiian lotus, a.k.a The Lightsaber, is a Lotus Energy base with pineapple, coconut, mango and a splash of coconut milk.


The Grind Coffee Bistro

Get to The Grind ASAP for your desert in a cup, suitable for any time of the day. The blueberry cobbler latte is the perfect supplement for a hot day (as is all of the other yummy food on their menu).


Nexus Coffee & Creative

The River Market cafe is combining coffee shop essentials with their delicious spin on the black and tan: nitro cold brew and chai, with some oat milk in there, too. It’s a perfect pick-me-up for the afternoon slump.  


Pettaway Coffee

Drop in and get the best of both worlds at one of the city’s newest spots. After a few sips of their coffee soda with hints of watermelon, herbs and citrus, you may not need that beach trip after all. OK, you probably will, but the drink itself will temporarily transport you to sandy strips and cascading waves.  

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