6 Female Arkansas Authors to Check Out This Summer

Arkansas has given rise to a remarkable array of talented women authors whose captivating stories and unique perspectives have left a mark on the literary world. If you’re looking to add to your summer reading list with authors from The Natural State, checkout these suggestions from the experts at the Central Arkansas Library System.


Crescent Dragonwagon

Besides having an incredible name, Dragonwagon has published more than 50 books across five genres, including children’s books and cookbooks. Here are some top reads available from this Eureka Springs resident:

  • “Bean by Bean”
  • “The Cornbread Gospels”
  • “All The Awake Animals”
  • “Alligator Arrived with Apples”


Ellen Gilchrist

Gilchrist is a novelist, award-winning short story writer and poet. She is a professor of creative writing and contemporary fiction at the University of Arkansas and publishes works that span several genres. Here are a few favorites:

  • “Victory Over Japan”
  • “Rhoda: A Life In Stories”
  • “Acts of God”
  • “The Anna Papers”
  • “In the Land of Dreamy Dreams”


Adele Holmes

Holmes is a resident of central Arkansas and has been a private pediatrician for two decades. She decided to write her first book – “Winter’s Reckoning,” a Southern gothic novel – because of  “an unquenchable desire to wander the world and give back to the community.”


Brenna Raney

Raney is another central Arkansas resident and new author of the highly regarded sci-fi novel “The Meister of Decimen City.” You may just see Raney at the Fletcher Library of CALS, her local branch.


Regina Black

Known by her pseudonym, you can look forward to Black’s “The Art of Scandal,” coming to you in August. It’s no coincidence this book is being published by one of the biggest publishers around. You might be able to find a clue as to the real Regina Black by visiting CALS Main Library.


Rhona Weaver

Weaver is a retired swamp and farmland appraiser. She’s the author of the award-winning FBI Yellowstone series. The series follows a rookie FBI agent who solves mysteries and confronts anti-government terrorist plots. Check out “A Noble Calling” and “A Sacred Duty.”


If you’re in the Little Rock metro, these books are available for free with a library card from any of the 14 CALS locations in Pulaski and Perry counties, as well as by mail for those with a temporary or permanent disability.


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