SPONSORED: 5 Reasons to Fall Into Group Fitness This Season

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Physical fitness is more important to supporting mental wellness than ever before. In an age of near-constant change, it can be difficult to develop a fitness regime, and even more difficult to stick to it. Group fitness classes are an excellent way to combat this and achieve an active lifestyle, even in a virtual setting.

Not convinced? How about these group fitness benefits:


It creates accountability. It’s easy to talk ourselves out of following through with a plan we created when motivation was high. Having someone by your side, rooting for you, can spark the inspiration to follow suit in those moments of low motivation.

It saves money. Personal training can take a toll on your budget. Group fitness classes are a financially comfortable way to get and stay in shape.

It inspires challenge. Group fitness settings can sometimes seem intimidating. On the contrary, these classes are full of like-minded individuals who share a common goal. The “in it together” atmosphere will inspire you to dig deeper than you knew you could. 

It mixes things up. Doing strength training and cardio alone at the gym gets old. Group classes offer a variety of fun (yes, fun) ways to build muscle while burning calories, ensuring a unique and enjoyable experience every time.

It builds community. Making new friends as an adult can be challenging for any number of reasons. Group fitness classes are a great resource for meeting new people with common goals and interests. This sense of community is a significant motivator to keep going back time and again.


To help light that fire, ZenStudio’s annual Fall into Fitness Challenge is back both in-studio and online. Details on the online-only challenge will be released soon, but the in-studio goal is to take 24 classes in six weeks and fall back in love with the way you work out. Special pricing is available for the challenge, and new clients can participate for just $20/week. The fun kicks off Oct. 12. 


ZenStudio Little Rock offers 12 unique group fitness methods and has reopened for in-studio classes. Strong measures are being taken to keep clients and staff safe, including the addition of ultraviolet-C lights to the HVAC systems and high volume HEPA air filtration machines to help kill airborne pathogens. Classes are offered in-studio and via livestream daily.

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