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The Pulaski County Special School District aims to bring the best out of its students through equity and excellence in education. So how does PCSSD make every day an exciting, educational opportunity for students? Here are five reasons PCSSD may be right for you. 


1. Preparing Students for Life 

PCSSD adopted two initiatives that are making a difference for students. 

The first is PBIS, or positive behavioral interventions and supports. PBIS focuses on teaching behavioral expectations, just as teachers teach about other subjects. PBIS changes the focus to prevention instead of punishment. This aims to improve school safety and promote positive behavior with the understanding that kids can only meet behavior expectations if they know the expectations. The PBIS initiative improves social and academic outcomes for the student, schools experience reduced exclusionary discipline practices and school personnel feel more effective. 

The second is AVID, or advancement via individual determination. AVID increases student engagement while activating a deeper level of learning in the classroom. This initiative emphasizes rigorous coursework, relevance of instruction and relationships. It also prepares every student with a mindset of college potential. AVID is used in all elementary and secondary schools across PCSSD and adapted to fit each grade level. 


2. Cultivating Future Leaders 

Leaders are made through their own experiences and learning from others’ experiences. At PCSSD, students have many opportunities, both in and outside the classroom, to learn from teachers and peers about leadership and build lasting relationships that will carry them through to their desired career choice. Through AVID, students as early as elementary school are encouraged to begin thinking about potential careers they may be interested in pursuing. 


3. Strengthening Public Schools 

Public schools provide a vital service to central Arkansas. PCSSD has partnered with the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce and other Pulaski County school districts to be part of the Ford Next Generation Learning program, as well as worked with nonprofit organizations around central Arkansas to help improve opportunities for all students and staff within the district. 


4. Strengthening Our Communities 

PCSSD has schools in Little Rock, Maumelle, North Little Rock and Sherwood. Building these communities starts by strengthening students one at a time. PCSSD teachers and staff take each child’s education personally and aim to reach them where they are in the communities they live.


5. Driving Innovation in the Classroom 

Traditional, in-class education is important for most students in order to succeed in education. Many students learn best in this traditional classroom setting, but not all. This is why PCSSD offers DRIVEN in a two-part platform – DRIVEN: School of Opportunity and DRIVEN Virtual Academy. The DRIVEN concept engages students in online and in-person learning to meet students where they are and allow them to work at their own pace. 

DRIVEN Virtual Academy (DVA) serves students in homeschool or who are homebound due to health or social-emotional issues. DVA also serves students whose families must travel often or are involved in extracurricular activities and desire a more flexible option through online or accelerated learning. 

Blended learning and extended, in-person tutoring opportunities will add other resources to support students and families. DVA students may participate in PCSSD extracurricular activities upon meeting academic requirements.


Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is now open. Visit pcssd.org/register for more information.

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