SPONSORED: 4 Ways the Little Rock Community Rallies Around Single Parents

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They say it takes a village to raise a family, but for some single-parent students, that support comes from generous hearts in the community that surrounds them.

That’s where the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund and our community come in. Organizations and individuals across central Arkansas have stepped up to walk alongside these single-parent students as they work hard to build brighter futures for their families through education.

By partnering with ASPSF, our neighbors empower single parents in a multitude of impactful ways.

Mentoring: Mentors play a huge part in any student’s educational journey, but doubly so for many single parents. Often first-generation students, these pioneers have no example to reference. Mentors share their knowledge and provide emotional support.

ASPSF scholarship recipient turned professor Janea Snyder hopes to be that voice of encouragement for other single parents. 

“It warms my heart that I’m able to support them during challenging times,” Snyder says. “They need as many people in their corner as possible.”

Volunteering: At ASPSF, volunteers make the mission possible. Many volunteers choose to review scholarship applications and conduct interviews. They lend a listening ear to parents dreaming of new careers and endless possibilities. And they get to learn firsthand how uniquely the power of education impacts individual families.

Community Resources: It’s not just individuals that help empower ASPSF’s scholars. Organizations across the state support the program and its recipients through both financial and in-kind giving. Local businesses sponsor the organization’s annual fundraiser A Night of Hope, which makes dozens of scholarships possible.

Supporting Scholarships: ASPSF scholarships are built to help families overcome barriers to education. This can include direct school-related expenses such as tuition and fees, but ASPSF scholarships are flexible. That means students can use funds to cover other expenses that might prevent them from staying in school such as childcare, gas to get back and forth to class, laptops for online coursework and much more.

If empowering single-parent families in Arkansas speaks to your heart, look no further than Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. With multiple avenues to get involved, there’s always a way to support single parents on their journey to higher education.

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