SPONSORED: 4 New Music Directors Making Fine Arts Fantastic in PCSSD

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Fine art programs in school have been proven to help students with motor skills, language and math, and help students with problem solving and decision making. All of these reasons and more are why the Pulaski County Special School District is dedicated to providing high quality fine art instruction to students across central Arkansas.

This year, PCSSD has a number of new fine arts educators bringing their skills and expertise in their creative fields to students. There is a new band or choir director in three middle schools and one high school.


Christopher Cross is the new choir director at Joe T. Robinson Middle School. 

“This year, my plan and focus is to help students develop independent and group artistry,” Christopher says. “I want them to develop and engage their imagination. I believe a vocal music program is a system of uniquely gifted individuals learning to develop their talents in community with other artists. Each artist learns from one another how to develop their perspective gift.”


Ray Cross is the new middle school band director at Mills Middle School. 

“Teaching music to children is the best job in the world, in my opinion, and having the opportunity to do exactly what I want to be doing in my first year, I could not pass up,” Ray (seen above) says. “I am looking forward to building relationships, helping scholars succeed at their highest level and to hone in on my personal craft as a music educator.”


Joshua Jackson is the new head band director at Maumelle High School. 

“The Maumelle band program and its students have a reputation and tradition of working hard to achieve superior results both as a music ensemble and as individuals,” Jackson says. “I wanted to have the chance to be a small part of this wonderful program, to work alongside my colleagues, Mr. Williamson and Mr. Meadows, and of course teach the wonderful band students of Maumelle High School.”


And Anna-Wray Robinette is the new choir director at Sylvan Hills Middle School. 

“My plan for this year is to give my students as much knowledge and experience as possible,” Robinette says. “Most of all, I want to give them a positive musical experience that will help them appreciate music for life.”


These educators are great additions to PCSSD’s long list of existing talented educators and the district is looking forward to watching them grow and pass on their passion to scholars.

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