SPONSORED: 3 Must-Do Experiences in ‘Dinosaur Explorer’ at the Clinton Presidential Center

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This summer, take a trip back in time – way back in time – at the Clinton Center. Their newest temporary exhibit, “Dinosaur Explorer,” encourages you to explore, create and discover a whole new understanding of the most fascinating creatures in known history: dinosaurs! 

Explore: Discover the wildest, strangest and most interesting dinosaurs and what makes them unique. Twenty advanced-animatronic dinosaurs in dynamic, narrative-driven poses invite visitors to explore what dinosaurs may have looked like. Uncover clues about why dinosaurs were such successful survivors through authentic fossil casts.

Create: Engage your imagination and create your very own unique dinosaur through hands-on interactives. And don’t forget to take a photo to share with your friends and family.

Discover: “Dinosaur Explorer” features interactives that invite you to compare human brains and behaviors with those of dinosaurs. Walk like a dinosaur, eat like a dinosaur and explore how your own body works compared to these amazing prehistoric animals.

Credit: Courtesy of the Clinton Presidential Center

While you’re exploring, here are three must-do experiences:

1. Walk like a dinosaur, draw your own dinosaur and become a dinosaur. The exhibit is full of fun and engaging interactive experiences. After seeing the colorful skin, feathers and other unique characteristics of the dinosaurs throughout the exhibit, draw your own and then watch it walk among others in a virtual prehistoric environment.

2. Take a selfie with the dinosaurs. There are more than 20 dinosaurs roaming through the Clinton Center. Pick your favorite for a selfie and post it to show your friends.

3. Explore the connection between dinosaurs, President Bill Clinton and 1990s pop culture. Learn how President Clinton protected fossil-rich areas where dinosaurs once roamed for research and public recreation. This section of the exhibit also features authentic props from the blockbuster “Jurassic Park” movie franchise. 

Credit: Courtesy of the Clinton Presidential Center

“Dinosaur Explorer” is open now through Oct. 1. Free, dino-themed programming will be offered throughout the exhibit, including movie screenings of the “Jurassic Park” films and “The Land Before Time,” fun family activity days and engaging dino-expert speakers.

It’s going to be a dino-mite summer at the Clinton Presidential Center. Learn more here.

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