2012 Women to Watch: Jeanine Andersson of Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics

Jeanine Andersson
Orthopaedic Hand & Microsurgeon, Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics

Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics is a multi sub-specialty orthopaedic surgery group. Every surgeon has completed at least one additional year of highly sub-specialized training in the sub-specialty he/she practices in orthopaedics. Our philosophy is that our patients get the best care possible by having physicians who are highly sub-specialized and focused in their scope of practice. I am currently practicing in Hand and Microsurgery of the Upper Extremity.

On Power
People often underestimate the power of prayer. I feel most powerful when I am able to juggle the demands of a busy medical practice and my family.  A true sign of power is rising above gossip and pettiness and turning the other cheek.

On Motivation  
I love a challenge. Striving for excellence in treating my patients gives me that motivation to challenge myself daily. My goal is to obtain daily successes—big and small—in treating my patients; to give them back their quality of life. After I have balanced a life of medicine and raising a family, and my children have grown up to be God-fearing and God-loving adults; then I will know I’ve been successful.

Typical Weeeknd

Wake around 5:30 a.m., feed the baby, get the twins up, fix breakfast for the family, work out at D1 with my husband; followed by an evening filled with family time or dinner with friends.

The Quiz

  • Currently reading?  “Radical” by David Platt
  • Hobbies? Working out and tennis. Babolat Racquets!

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