We celebrated our 10th anniversary with a retrospective edition in March. We introduced you to spring and fall fashion trends with stunning photography and video. We tried new menus and shopped new local stores.

We marveled at the art of tattoos at the Arkansas Arts Center and reveled in the memories of Cardinals victories at The Clinton Presidential Center. We laughed and rocked with “The Blue Man Group” at Robinson Center Music Hall, sang along with the “Wicked Divas” at the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and eased on down the road to meet “The Wiz” at The Rep.

We hosted parties for our Women to Watch and top realtors. We honored the best of the best in town, from lawyers and insurance agents to restaurants and interior designers. We attended parties (lots of parties!) and celebrated those of you who work hard to support philanthropy in our city.

Truly, it’s been an amazing year. Here’s a recap of our favorite stories, photos and more from 2012. 

By the Numbers

  • Circulation: 26,000 copies per month
  • Readership: 94,000 per month
  • Organizations profiled in 2012: 62
  • Parties covered in 2012: 229
  • Party pictures printed in 2012: 2,458

Notable Newbies
Retail: The Independent, E. Leigh’s
Restaurants: Rocket 21, 1620 Savoy, RJ Tao, Packet House, NEXT, Bray Gourmet, Local Lime

Staff Favorites

Hint of Fall, September Fashion:
“When I saw the inspiration board from Amber [Brewer], I suspected we’d end up with something very special. Then I saw the proofs from Jason [Masters] and was blown away. Once Dean [Wheeler] put the section together, I knew we’d hit a home run. To me, the quality of the section is equivalent to something you’d see in a national magazine.”

— Olivia Farrell, Publisher

Spring Arrival, Spring Fashion:
“This was the first real fashion shoot I had been a part of, and watching and learning from the professionals around me was a real inspiration. The careful and detailed work of photographer Jason Masters and all the stylists was truly something to behold. Plus, the choice of  The Arkansas Railroad Museum as the setting was a stroke of genius. Seeing the images a few days later was a breathtaking moment for me.”

— Dean Wheeler, Art Director

Nan Selz, Museum of Discovery, January:
“As an editor, I love the moment each month when I see the art direction and the story finally come together. I was blown away when I saw the photo of Nan Selz in one of the Museum of Discovery’s new exhibits, 'Tornado Alley.' It was creative and fun and an intriguing complement to the story.”

—Amanda Hoelzeman, Managing Editor

Heather Owens, Fighting Fancy, October:
“I learned long ago that you can find grace in the most unsuspecting places. Church, yes, but also in the smiles of children playing on the monkey bars, the hands of the elderly, the grieving of a widow, and the bravery of a cancer patient. To me, our October cover is grace personified: Heather Owens, 29, looking gorgeous and strong in the middle of chemotherapy for breast cancer. I still get a little choked up when I look at it. I’m so proud of her — and the millions of women who fight this disease daily.”

— Jennifer Pyron, Editor