Carrie Parsons
Owner/Stylist, Salon Scarlet

Styling hair has been a passion of mine since I was 15. I love being able to teach basic skills to my clients, even if it’s just how to hold the dryer and a brush. Never being bored in my profession, I feel ideas come immediately, almost instinctively. It’s rewarding for me to have Jessica Smith in the salon as an “up-and-coming” stylist. Every day we work together and style beautiful hair.

On Power
People often underestimate the power of a really good haircut. I felt most powerful when I opened my own business. By devoting 100 percent of my time and talents to my business, it has far surpassed my expectations. Jeanne Johansson has made owning a business seem effortless.

A true sign of power is realizing what you’re good at, mastering your technique and following your intuition with confidence.

On Success
Nothing is better than being a part of revealing the beauty of a woman. That’s what makes me feel successful. What could be better? I love cultivating relationships with my clients. Some of my favorite friendships are with women in their 50s and 60s, from whom I’ve learned so much. I would love to expand with Scarlet and take on the responsibility of five or six stylists.

Powerful Day

While transitioning from one salon to Scarlet, the 82-year-old owner of Dorothy’s Magic Mirror asked after seeing me cut the famous Victoria Beckham A-line bob, “Now honey, you just gonna leave it like that?” That’s when I truly understood the growing generational difference in hairstyles.

The Quiz

  • Favorite Destination in Arkansas?  Little Rock. Duh.
  • Favorite restaurant in Little Rock and what you like to eat there: Capital Hotel Bar & Grill, grilled pimento cheese sandwich and the Parmesan herb fries.

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