Put on your happy pants.

Neutrals are so last season; brush off the monotones and cheer up. Take off the gloomy pairs of black pants. It’s not your style. You’ll look so good that you’ll be glad and decide to smile! Pick out pleasant colors, stick to brights and pastels; Wipe off that “full of doubt” look, and slip on some happy pants!

Browse the gallery and match your favorite color to the retailer listed below.

RED KAYLIE: 7 for all Mankind, Tulips
PLUM: J Brand, Scarlet
INDIGO: Citizens of Humanity, Tulips
BLUE: Fabrizio Gianni, Kristin Chase
TURQUOISE: Sanctuary Denim, Dillard’s
GREEN: Rich and Skinny, Dillard’s

PEAR: Fabrizio Gianni, Kristin Chase
MINT: Fabrizio Gianni, Kristin Chase
PURPLE: Sanctuary Denim, Dillard’s
BERRY: Rich and Skinny, Dillard’s
RED: Cookie Johnson, Beyond Cotton