If you're still posting old vacation photos with the hashtag #takemeback, throw on a floral shirt and go get a taste of the tropics in SoMa instead.

Every week, South on Main hosts Tiki Tuesdays, a chance for guests to partake in a little midweek getaway. The restaurant started the tradition a few months ago, but recently expanded on the theme by adding a musical element and, according to co-owner Amy Bell, it's all thanks to the summer heat.

On Tiki Tuesdays, you'll find bartenders in tiki getups, vintage tiki tunes and a few tiki cocktail specials on the menu. Guests are also encouraged to show up in their best tiki wear. Prizes go to the best outfits, but any themed clothing will get you a free hot dog.

"Think of it as a fun night to feel like you're on vacation somewhere tropical on a random Tuesday," Bell said.

As for the music component, various tiki performers will grace the South on Main stage, including The Reverburritos and Dangling Tassels, along with Rural War Room spinning tiki records.

You can find all the details on upcoming events, tiki and otherwise, on the South on Main website. And make sure you follow along for updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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