Here’s our guide to the sweetest and healthiest treats in Little Rock to help with your summer buzz.

1. Yarnell’s Guilt-Free Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

For this treat, you need go no further than your nearest grocery store. Yarnell’s, the home-grown Arkansas ice cream brand, has really come through with this little gem, which has 14 grams less sugar per serving, 8% less fat and half the calories of their regular vanilla. They don’t call it Guilt Free for nothing!

2. Red Mango

We stopped by to try some of Red Mango’s delicious frozen yogurt, especially their Skinny Sorbettos that have no added sugar, no dairy, less sodium, and only 10-15 calories per serving. Flavors available include raspberry, dark chocolate, strawberry and pink grapefruit, and the Skinny Sorbettos are still packed with the probiotics Red Mango’s fro-yo is famous for.

3. Dempsey Bakery

As well as being the pioneers of gluten and dairy-free baking in Little Rock, Dempsey is also pioneering sugar free and every Thursday offers a completely sugar-free cookie that uses a natural sugarless sugar substitute. Flavors include apple spice and butter, and the bakery came 2nd in last year’s best bakery in town competition — despite the challenge of having to bake without gluten!

4. Le Pops

Le Pops never fails to delight with their wonderful homemade popsicles! Stop by the store on Kavanaugh for a delicious ice pop made with local ingredients. If you’re lucky, you can even catch their sugar-free, completely fruit pop Pure Sunshine, which has orange, banana, mango, and more!

5. Paninis & Company’s Juice Bar

All of Paninis & Company’s smoothies are made sugar free with 100% real fruit and are 100% delicious! Our personal favorite is the Pink Dragon with coconut milk, apple juice, pineapple, mango, mint and dragon fruit. It’s great for keeping you cool, tastes like a tropical paradise and is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber and magnesium.

What’s not to love?