It's the most delicious day of the week, y'all!

Making its triumphant seasonal return, Food Truck Friday is once again gracing the streets of downtown Little Rock. Just make sure you're at the corner of Main St. and Capitol Ave. between 10:45 a.m.-1:30 p.m. to get the goods.

But we know what you're here for. Here's today's food truck lineup:


Bragg’s Big Bites

  • buffalo rib fish fillet
  • catfish
  • chicken wings
  • bitty bites,
  • fries
  • hushpuppies
  • tomato relish


Bryant’s BBQ

  • smoked turkey leg
  • smoked brisket/pork/beef sandwich combos
  • fresh cut fries
  • jerk chicken
  • catfish baskets
  • homemade barbecue nachos
  • loaded fries
  • coleslaw


Katmandu Momo

  • 10 pieces momo (chicken, beef, veggie vegan)
  • aloo dum (spicy potatoes)
  • spring rolls
  • fried rice
  • New York-style cheesecake


Loblolly Creamery

  • ice cream cups
  • cones
  • floats
  • ice cream sandwiches
  • brownie and a scoop


For updates, follow the Main Street Food Truck Festival on Facebook.

We'll see you out there, friends.